Fast, Convenient, Mobile Bumper Repair

For a free on site quote
please call: 0426 217 087

“How much will it cost me?”
The majority of our repairs cost less than what your insurance excess does. Get a quote now with our FREE on-site quotes.

“How long will it take?”
Normally our repairs are complete between 1-4 hours, depending on the level of damage. An extreme case may take up to a day.

“Where will my car get fixed?”
We will come to you! Our mobile vans are equipped to handle repairs no matter where you are.

“What can you fix?”
Louie’s Automotive is ready to repair scratches and scrapes, dents and cracks, stone chips, torn plastic… whatever you can throw at us! Our service offers perfect finishes with buff and polish second to none, so you can get on with your day and leave the worries to us.

“And what kid of damage can’t you fix?”
Louie’s Automotive specialises in cosmetic repairs, and plastic. We can fix extensive damage to bumpers, skirts, mirrors and grilles, but when it comes to major damage repairs or dents to metal panels, we are not equipped. Please feel free to call and discuss, we will answer any questions.

“What about my insurance, can I use that?”
The majority of our minor repairs cost less than $500, which is often less than excess on your insurance. With prices these low, many of our customers come away pleasantly surprised! Even when the repairs are more extensive, we have found that many customers still prefer to avoid claiming on insurance and not risk increasing their premiums.

We are however completely happy and able to work with your insurance to provide timely quotes and make sure the correct procedures are followed.

“Will the quality be as good as a body shop job?”
In short, yes. At Louie’s Automotive we use high quality material for your paints and repairs, to ensure a quality, professional finish. We will not take on a job unless we know we can provide a result you’ll be happy with.

“So what’s the guarantee?”
We guarantee that you will walk away happy. We take pride in our work, and value our customers highly. If you notice any issues with the job, either at the time or afterwards, we would love to hear from you immediately so we can come right back and make sure you get the service you deserve.

“How qualified are your employees?”
All of our technicians are highly trained and certified professionals. We comply with all government issued laws and licenses designed to protect our customers, our technicians, and the environment.