Mobile Bumper Repair

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If the bumper on your car has been scratched or damaged, our mobile bumper repair service can come to your home, business or office anywhere in Adelaide to carry out high quality and speedy repairs.

Whether the damage is superficial or structural, our mobile bumper repair specialists can fix the problem on the spot, saving you time, inconvenience and money. We’re also happy to give you a free, no obligation on-site quote anywhere in Adelaide so that you can judge for yourself the excellent value we offer. In many cases, our repair charges are significantly less than the excess attached to most car insurance policies.

In addition to first-rate workmanship, our Adelaide mobile bumper repair service means you avoid the inconvenience of having to drop off and then collect your car from a workshop — we come to you, so whether you’re at work or at home, we can take care of your car while you get on with your day.

Our experienced repair team can fix most types of bumper damage on the spot, from minor scratches and scuffs, right through to major dents, cracks and splits. Depending on the scope and scale of the damage, we use a variety of different repair techniques, including heat reshaping, stapling and plastic welding, to ensure your bumper is both structurally sound and looking good once more.

Once your bumper repairs are completed, we also apply a perfect finish to the damaged area (including sanding, priming and adding a top coat), so that no trace of the work can be seen.

If there are other plastic components on your car that have been damaged, such as side mirrors, door handles or body trim, we have the expertise to repair and restore these as well.

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